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Collector’s Guide To Neon Genesis Evangelion Merch

Neon Genesis Evangelion Merch

There is a ton of great Evangelion merchandise out there to choose from. This is because the series has been around since the ’90s and continues to pull in new fans. Evangelion’s influence can be felt all over the world, and the series is even streamed to English partners by major streaming companies such as Amazon Prime.

Evangelion Figures

One of the most common types of Evangelion merchandise you are going to run across is figures. There are several different types of figures, from cheaper prize figures to expensive scale figures that can cost you hundreds of dollars. Goodsmile even has a Nendoroid line that features all the main Eva pilots. 

Here are some companies you can get figures from and their general price range:

  • Banpresto: $20 – $35
  • Ichiban Kuji Prizes: $45 – $100
  • Goodsmile Nendoroids: $50 – $100
  • Kotobukiya ⅙ Scale Figures: $100 – $150
  • Radio Eva Figures: $130 – $300

Some of these figures are only available for purchase pre-owned as they have already finished their print run. This shouldn’t be a problem as Eva figures tend to come out several times a year. Keep in mind that figures tend to ship in large boxes, so shipping them over from Japan can add up to $100 to the price of a single figure, depending on the shipping method you choose.

Interested in collecting anime figures? Check out our full guide on Evangelion figures:

Guide To Neon Genesis Evangelion Figures

One of the most popular types of collecting in the anime community revolves around figures. Luckily, Evangelion has been putting out figures for over 20 years, so there is a lot to choose from. It can be a bit overwhelming when you first go to look for your favorite characters, so the guide below breaks down figure categories. The Affordable Option: Prize Figures If you are just getting started into figure collecting, then you have likely found yourself taken aback after looking up Evangelion figures. Anime figures, in general, are pricey, and some of the nicer figures like the Radio Eva line will cost you between $100 to $250 for a single character. If you don’t want to sink a month’s worth of rent into getting the entire cast, then you need to look into prize figures. Prize Figure Brands: Banpresto Furyu Taito Sega These figures are usually put into claw machines in Japan and aren’t going to have the level of shading that the scale figures do. Still, there have been dozens of figures made of the cast, so you can acquire everyone from Koworu to Rei III while only spending around $20 to $30 per character. These Evangelion figures look nice when displayed, and new ones are coming out just about every month. If you are looking for something compact, then you can even check out the Q Posket line, which has your favorite characters as chibi figures. This line even includes Misato, and every figure has two different color variations to choose from. Aside from this, there are mini-figures that come out from time to time and gashapon figures that can be affordable. Keep in mind that most of these figures are only a few inches tall at most. The Mid-Range Option: Lottery Figures and Small Scales If you want a bit more quality in your figures, then you are going to want to move up to the $30 to $130 price range. Here, you will find smaller scale figures, like those made by Pop-Up-Parade, who sadly has yet to introduce an Eva line. These figures will likely be smaller than prize and scale figures, but will be better detailed. In this price range, you can also find 1/7 and 1/8 scale figures that have basic bases and poses but good detailing. These Eva figures come from companies like Kotobukiya and FREEing. FREEing, in particular, is interesting as you can get many of their figures like Kaworu and Shinji’s Yukata versions for under $100, especially if you shop on the pre-owned sections of sites. Finally, you will want to look into Ichiban Kuji figures. These figures often cost around $50 and come with interesting poses, character costumes, and effects. The quality of these can range from prize figure levels to some that are considered to be on par with cheaper scales. The prize figure line also puts out scales of the Eva units themselves, making them a must for collectors who don’t want to deal with piecing together a model kit. Here are some Kuji lines to check out: Test Type Awakening Eva Unit Lines Evangelion Heroines There are new Kuji’s coming out year-round; you can either try your luck by using a site like Otaku House to draw tickets or wait for the figures to go up for pre-order. Lastly, there are Nendoroids; these cheap characters are made by Goodsmile and come with a variety of different parts like faceplates. The range of characters is a bit more limited in the Nendoroid line, so only the following characters can currently be purchased: Shinji Rei Asuka Kaworu Mari Outside of the main pilots, you shouldn’t expect much out of this series, although a Misato has a high probability of being created one day. The Collector’s Option: Scale Evangelion Figures Scale figures are figures that will cost you over $100, and getting into them can be quite tricky. You’re going to be spending a lot of money to buy the figure itself, and then to get it shipped from Japan, you are looking at anywhere from $25 for the least efficient method to $100 + for larger figures. If you are looking for a figure to put on display in your home though, then the gorgeous detailing of scale figures will be perfect for your home. Here are the Evangelion figure lines you should take a look at: Kotobukiya ⅙ Scale Plugsuit Line Hobby Max Radio Eva Line Union Creative Line Megahouse G.E.M. Line If you are looking for pilots in trendy clothes, then the Radio Eva line is perfect as it shows the characters wearing real-life brands and logos. The 1/6 scale line offers a large figure of Rei, Asuka, Koworu, and Mari for under $150. If you are looking for action scenes, then the Megahouse G.E.M line is perfect. Union Creative makes a variety of different scenes, including a figure that shows both Rei and Asuka sharing an Eva pod. To save on these figures, it’s highly encouraged to buy pre-owned when possible. For some of the more popular releases like the long-haired version of Rei, you will want to consider pre-ordering as these will likely sell out quickly, and reprints aren’t something that often happens with Eva as new figures are always being pushed out. Which Evangelion Figures Become Rare? It can be hard to know which Neon Genesis Evangelion figures will become rare sometimes, but there are usually a few factors. Figures of side characters like Misato appear less frequently and will be bought up by collectors. You will also find that Radio Eva figures will jump up in price a few months after release, as will any figures with dynamic poses and bases. Generally, the more plain figures, like the ones that just focus on the character themselves, are less rare, especially if they are in their plugsuit. Casual wear versions of the characters also tend to be harder to find, as most figure lines only focus on putting out the character’s in […]

Evangelion Model Kits

The next big line of Evangelion merch has to do with model kits. These are plastic kits that you must clip and fit together. Like Gundam model kits, the difficulty and size of the Eva kits can greatly differ, as can the price. For example, Kotobukiya makes Eva kits, and despite their small size, you can expect to spend over $100 for an Awakened Unit 13.

Evangelion also tends to do a lot of collaborations, so they have many interesting model kits. You can get a Godzilla crossover kit or even choose from two versions of Evangelion-themed lobsters to piece together. The price of cross-over kits heavily depends on the kit, as the lobsters tend to go for around $35 while a Godzilla crossover kit usually goes for around $165.

In general, model kits are rather small, especially when compared to figures. This does make them a bit easier to display as they don’t take up as much room. They are also a great gift for fans who can’t justify spending hundreds on a figure just to stare at it. Since these kits are customizable and can be painted, it leaves a lot of room for artistic creativity.

Evangelion Plush

If you are looking for something a bit cuter or easier to clean, then Evangelion plushies might be the perfect solution. They are a bit harder to find as many of them have wrapped up production, but there are still some neat plushies to choose from if you want to invest. One example is the Evangelion and Alpacasso crossover. This crossover themed the plush alpacas after the different Eva units, and a Nerve Center was even sold with them.

There are also character plushies out there of the cast, with some of the easiest to get being the laying down version of the pilots. New Evangelion plushies regularly appear in claw machines in Japan, but many are not easily accessible unless you are looking on apps like Mercari or trying to win them yourself using an online crane game app.

Bootlegs of Evangelion plushies also tend to be a huge problem. The only way to ensure you’re getting true Evangelion plushies is to ask for pictures of the tags and only order from verified sites or sellers.

Evangelion Tech 

The next type of merch you will see of Eva has to do with technology. You can get all types of interesting goods like Evangelion Tamagotchi, smartphones, headphones, and even smartwatches. There are even devices for your kitchen-themed after the franchise, such as sandwich makers and coffee dispensers.

Evangelion tech typically goes for high prices, even when just looking at things like the sandwich maker, which will cost you over $100. You will also need to keep in mind that tech is usually imported and can come with high shipping costs due to having lithium batteries or large boxes.

If you are looking to own the series, you can easily buy the blu-rays from companies like Rightstuf or pick up the series soundtrack on CD or vinyl.

Evangelion Apparel

If all the other goods don’t appeal to you, then don’t worry; there are many Eva-themed lifestyle goods to get into. Stores like BoxLunch, Hot Topic, and even Target have their own lines of Evangelion clothing. This includes socks, shirts, hoodies, joggers, shoes, sportswear, shorts, and hats. These are perfect for fans who want to display their love for the series to others while at school, work, or events.

If you want to take the series on the go with you, then you can purchase the manga version from Rightstuf. Nerve bags to carry your books in and artbooks can also be purchased from this website. There are even items like Eva toolboxes out there for purchase that are even more subtly looking than some of the clothes. There are also dozens of officially licensed cell phone cases to choose from.

Here are some other examples of Evangelion lifestyle goods that exist:

  • Bottles
  • Blankets
  • Gym Bags
  • Pool Floats
  • Stationary
  • Posters

Evangelion has made just about every item you can think of into a piece of merch. In Japan, it’s even common to find that the series is taking over well-known food packets.

Finally, for those looking for a bit more luxury in their lifestyle goods, there is Evangelion jewelry. The brand U-Treasure even made a wedding ring set and an engagement ring themed around the show. Items like this will cost you thousands of dollars at the least, but they are one of the best ways to show your love for the show every single day. If you’re not ready to get married, then you can always pick up a pair of Jins Evangelion sunglasses for a little over $100.