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Complete List of Sailor Moon Wands Used by the Sailor Scouts

Sailor moon wands

“Sailor Moon” is a beloved anime and manga series that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. One of the iconic elements of the series is the magical wands used by the Sailor Guardians to defeat evil and protect the Earth. These wands are more than just weapons, they are symbols of the strength and power of each Guardian, and have become iconic in their own right. In this article, we will explore the various wands used by the Sailor Guardians throughout the “Sailor Moon” franchise and learn about their unique abilities and significance. From the classic Moon Stick to the new Cosmic Heart Compact, each wand holds a special place in the hearts of fans and will always be remembered as a key part of the “Sailor Moon” legacy.

Sailor Moon Wands

Moon Stick

The Moon Stick is the primary wand used by Sailor Moon in the original “Sailor Moon” anime and manga series. It is a long, slender rod with a crescent moon on top, surrounded by a golden halo and has the ability to heal and purify. The Moon Stick is also capable of revealing hidden secrets and is used to track down the Silver Crystal.

In addition to its powers, the Moon Stick is a symbol of Sailor Moon’s status as the leader of the Sailor Guardians and her role as the protector of the Silver Crystal and the Earth. It is an important part of her identity and is always by her side as she fights against evil in the original series. The Moon Stick remains a fan-favorite item and continues to be one of the most recognizable elements of the “Sailor Moon” franchise.

Moon Scepter

The Moon Scepter is a wand used by Sailor Moon in the “Sailor Moon R” season of the original anime and manga series. It is a longer and more ornate version of the original Moon Stick, featuring a crescent moon at the top surrounded by a halo of stars, with a long golden rod below.

The Moon Scepter has the ability to purify and heal, similar to the Moon Stick, but it is also capable of granting wishes and has additional powers related to love and friendship. In the series, Sailor Moon uses the Moon Scepter to perform her powerful “Moon Scepter Elimination” attack.

Cutie Moon Rod

Sailor Moon obtained the Cutie Moon Rod in the “Sailor Moon S” season of the original anime and manga series. It is a longer and more elaborate version of the Moon Scepter and allows Sailor Moon to perform her powerful “Rainbow Moon Heart Ache” attack, which is capable of defeating even the strongest enemies.

Spiral Heart Moon Rod

The Spiral Heart Moon Rod, featured in the “Sailor Moon” anime and manga, has a different origin in each medium. In the anime, it is said to have been created through the love shared between Usagi and Mamoru, while in the manga, it was gifted to Sailor Moon by Neo-Queen Serenity. The wand was used to execute the “Moon Spiral Heart Attack” and “Rainbow Moon Heartache” attacks. In the “Sailor Moon SuperS” season, the wand was upgraded to the Moon Kaleido Scope by Pegasus.

In the second movie of the anime, Sailor Moon utilized the Spiral Heart Moon Rod twice. Firstly, she used it to defeat the Snow Dancers and save the frozen city and its citizens. And secondly, she transformed into Super Sailor Moon and attempted to use the “Rainbow Moon Heartache” attack on Kaguya, the Snow Queen, but was unable to defeat her.

Kaleidomoon Scope

The “Moon Kaleido Scope” was given to Sailor Moon by Helios, and is used to perform the “Moon Gorgeous Meditation” attack. The Chibi Moon Kaleido Scope is slightly smaller in size compared to the Moon Kaleido Scope.

In the Dream arc, Mamoru surprises Usagi and Chibiusa with a pair of normal kaleidoscopes, but then they find themselves under attack by the members of the Dead Moon Circus. Helios intervenes and uses his powers to awaken the kaleidoscopes into weapons. They transformed into the Moon Kaleido Scope and Chibi Moon Kaleido Scope, and introduced themselves to the Sailor Guardians, telling them to use “Moon Gorgeous Meditation” to attack.

In the fourth season, the Moon Kaleido Scope was upgraded to the “Spiral Heart Moon Rod” and had a much stronger effect. It was pink in color and did not resemble a kaleidoscope.

Moon Eternal Tiare

The Sailor Moon Eternal Tiare is the upgraded version of the Moon Kaleido Scope and Chibi Moon Kaleido Scope in the 5th and final season of the Sailor Moon manga, 90’s anime, and crystal. It is a powerful weapon used by Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon to defeat their enemies. It is a pink colored rod or scepter, unlike the previous kaleidoscope-like appearance of the Moon Kaleido Scope. The Eternal Tiare is a symbol of the power and love of the Sailor Senshi, representing their ultimate weapon in the fight against evil.

Sailor Scouts Wands

Sailor Mercury Wand

Sailor Mercury’s wand represents her element of water. In the original 1990s anime and manga series, Sailor Mercury uses her wand to perform her signature attack, “Shine Aqua Illusion.” The wand is depicted as a long, thin rod with a blue gem on the top, which symbolizes the character’s connection to water and her intelligence

Sailor Mars Wand

This wand is known as the “Mars Wand” or the “Mars Fire Ignite,” and is used to perform her various attacks, such as “Mars Firebird” and “Mars Flame Sniper.” The wand has a red and orange design with a flame-shaped emblem on the top, reflecting the fiery, passionate nature of Sailor Mars’s character.

Sailor Jupiter Wand

Sailor Jupiter Wand

Sailor Jupiter, also known as Makoto Kino, uses a long, green scepter with a pinecone-like top. It is used to perform her powerful attacks such as Supreme Thunder, Sparkling Wide Pressure, and Jupiter Oak Evolution. The wand is unique to Sailor Jupiter and is used only by her in battle.

Sailor Venus Wand

Sailor Venus Wand

Sailor Venus, also known as Sailor V, used the Venus Wand in the original “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon” (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) manga series, 90’s anime, and later adaptations. The wand is associated with the planet Venus, symbolizing love and beauty. It was used to perform Venus Love-Me Chain, a powerful attack that involved firing a chain of love hearts to attack enemies.

In the later seasons of the anime, Sailor Venus upgraded to the Venus Love and Beauty Shock and Venus Star Power, Make Up, which were stronger versions of her original attack. The wand was typically depicted as being gold in color, with a crescent moon emblem on top. The design of the wand changed throughout the series, becoming more intricate and featuring additional symbols, but the crescent moon emblem remained as the wand’s central symbol.

Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Pluto Wand

The “Lip Rods” serve as the transformation devices for Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the 90s anime series. Each Sailor Soldier generated their own Lip Rod, which are essentially the same except for the unique planetary symbol at the top of each rod.

The rods are a light blue stick with a gold knob at the end. In the center of the rod is a heart-shaped frame in hot pink with a light blue interior, golden sides, and a gold circle on top. This heart carries the planetary symbol, which distinguishes one Sailor Soldier’s rod from another.

Uranus’s symbol is an admiral blue orb with two intersecting rings that form a “V” shape. Neptune’s symbol is a turquoise crescent with a disc that passes through the center at a diagonal angle. Pluto’s symbol is a heather purple orb with two smaller orbs on either side of it. Each symbol is topped with a 6-pointed golden star and the symbol of each Sailor Soldier’s respective planet.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, the wands of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians play a significant role in their transformations and battles. From the Moon Kaleido Scope wielded by Super Sailor Moon to the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, each weapon holds unique powers and abilities that assist the Sailor Guardians in their quest to protect the universe.

Additionally, each wand also represents the individual guardian and their planet, showcasing their distinct personalities and strengths. Whether it be the Lip Rods of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto or the individual wands of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus, the wands play a crucial role in the epic journey of the Sailor Guardians and the tale of Sailor Moon.