10 Very Rare Beauty and the Beast Loungefly Backpacks

Beauty and the Beast Loungefly Backpack Bag Wallet

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, an animated film released in 1991, is a heartwarming story that sees a beautiful girl captured, falling in love, and releasing her captor from an evil spell. As expected, collector’s items that are themed after this movie are always a hit! In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the prettiest, most well-made Beauty and the Beast-themed backpacks out there: the Loungefly product line. Let’s dig right in and look at these Beauty and the Beast Loungefly bags!

What Is a Beauty and the Beast Loungefly?

Loungefly is a pop culture bag designer that focuses on creating collectible, fun products for brands like Disney (and Star Wars before it was bought by Disney), Pixar, and Nickelodeon. Bags usually run for $80-90 at release, but demand is often so high for items that they sell out right away. This high demand causes prices to hyperinflate, a process that we’ve covered in many of our previous collectibles articles.

Beauty and the Beast Loungefly bags are designed for ages 8+.

What Makes The Beauty and the Beast Loungefly So Collectable?

As with any collectible, there is a certain set of collectors who are willing to pay above the original value for the item. The Beauty and the Beast Loungefly lineup is no different. These items make great collectibles because they last a long time, are stunning to look at, and feature famous Disney characters on them. Next, let’s take a look at some of the most expensive (after-market) Beauty and the Beast Loungefly bags. You might be surprised how much they’re worth now!

What Are the Ten Most Expensive Beauty and the Beast Loungefly Bags? note: This post was written on August 1, 2022. The prices notated reflect the current market prices as of this date. Prices for any collectible item fluctuate with supply and demand.

10. Belle Floral Loungefly Backpack

This gorgeous bag is a creamy off-white with an embossed image of Belle in gold on the front. Surrounding her, stitched roses sit in the bottom corners of the bag. Above Belle, in the same gold that she is stitched in, reads: Bold AS A ROSE. The bag’s interior and straps are a deep rose red. You’ll find the Disney logo in multiple places on this bag (and wallet set), too.

Price: Up to $300

9. Ballroom Dancing BoxLunch Backpack

This Beauty and the Beast Loungefly is a stunning off-white fabric overlaid with lace. This creates a beautiful effect. On the front of the bag, four buttons are sewn into the middle, surrounded by a stitched tuxedo outline. On the top front of the bag, there is a gold emblem with Belle and the Beast. Disney logos can be seen in various spots on the bag.

Price: Up to $320

8. Rose BoxLunch Backpack

This yellow bag features the display case for Beast’s red rose, as pictured in the movie. Above the display case, some script reads: a tale as old as time. Disney logos are affixed to this bag and the wallet it was originally sold with.

Price: Up to $330

7. Belle Dress Backpack

This stunning yellow bag has been designed to look like Belle’s dress! Lines across the front mimic the dress’s flow, and the top of the bag is designed more like a purse or clutch than a backpack, with a flip-top front. A Disney and Loungefly logo sits on the front top of the bag, and gold-colored specialty rivets, made to look like jewels, are placed into the bag’s exterior.

Price: Up to $350

6. Belle Castle Backpack

This gorgeous stained glass-look bag has an image of Belle’s castle in the background. In the foreground, Belle sits on a fountain with a few sheep in her original blue and white dress. The Disney and Loungefly logo sits on the bottom right-hand side of the bag’s front.

Price: Up to $348

5. Beast Funkon 2021 Exclusive

This is one of the coolest bag designs! The entire front of this Beauty and the Beast Loungefly is a bust of Beast, in smaller pieces of faux leather in colors like brown, blue, white, and gray. The sides and back of this backpack are blue and Beast’s fur color, while the straps are blue. The Disney and Loungefly logo sit on the bottom of the right-hand side of the bag.

Price: Up to $510

4. Enchanted Rose BoxLunch Backpack

This gorgeous rose-red bag is a nod to the source of the movie’s conflict: the spell! An embossed image of the display case and the red rose beneath it sits on the upper left-hand side of the bag’s front. The Disney and Loungefly logo is on the front flap of this bag, and courage to break the spell is written across the center.

Price: Up to $520

3. Cogsworth Cosplay Exclusive

Cogsworth makes an appearance on this awesome bag. The little clock’s face features movable clock hands fastened with a large rivet. On the back of the bag, next to two small gears, there is text that reads: if it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it.

Price: Up to $535

2. Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Backpack

This white background bag has clever “tattoo-like” portraits with all of the most memorable characters from the Beauty and the Beast movie. Black straps are affixed to the back of the bag, and the Disney and Loungefly logo is on the upper center of the front of the bag.

Price: Up to $550

1. Chibi Beast BoxLunch Exclusive

This bag is extremely rare and, therefore, goes for much more than the other bags we’ve covered. This bag features a stylized chibi Beast surrounded by four little birds that are stitched into the faux-leather front. An additional purple bird sits in the bottom front, brown portion of the bag.

Price: Up to $2,400

Do you own any of these or another of the Beauty and the Beast Loungefly bags? If so, did you purchase it at release? Which one is your favorite?