Guide To Evangelion and Demon Slayer Tamagotchi

Demon Slayer Evangelion Tamagotchi

In the world of anime collectibles, it seems that nothing is off the table. The Evangelion series itself has made everything from clothing to coffee. Demon Slayer, on the other hand, has just started into the strange world of anime merchandise, and there’s already a Nezuko popcorn bucket. Now, Bandai has released a new set of Evangelion Tamagotchi and Demon Slayer Tamagotchi, but it’s not surprising that both of these series have come out with their own version of handheld digital pets. To learn more about these themed Tamagotchi, keep reading below for more information.

Evangelion Tamagotchi Characters

Evangelion Tamagotchi

The Evangelion Tamagotchi aren’t divided up by characters, and the content in each of the different colors is the same. These themed Tamagotchi also uses many of the different terms that are referenced in the anime series to care for the in-game characters. They come in the same six colors as the pilots’ suits in the anime, including:

  • Shinji
  • Kaworu
  • Mari 
  • Rei
  • Asuka
  • Rei III

Instead of the main cast or digital pets, you are going to be raising your very own angels. There are 20 different angels that you can raise using your Tamagotchis.

Demon Slayer Tamagotchi Characters

Demon Slayer Tamagotchi

The Demon Slayer Tamagotchi are somewhat similar; there are 14 different colors to choose from. Like the Eva ones though, this won’t influence who you are raising, as the Demon Slayer Tamagotchi actually let you grow the characters from the show. There are 12 different ones to choose from, including all the main cast members. Here are the names of Demon Slayer’s Tamagotchi:

  • Tanjirochi
  • Nezukochi
  • Shinobutchi 
  • Zenitsutchi 
  • Kisatsutaitchi
  • Inosuketchi 
  • Giyutchi 
  • Kyojurotchi 
  • Muichirotchi 
  • Mitsuritchi 
  • Gyomeitchi 
  • Obanaitchi 
  • Tengentchi 
  • Sanemitchi 

You will be training your Slayer so that they can learn different breathing techniques, much like they do in the show.

Both devices are random, meaning the Angel or character you hatch is completely left up to an internal RNG system. There isn’t much you can do to influence this, but play the game multiple times until you raise everyone you are interested in. Keep in mind that if you don’t pay attention to your Tamagotchi, the Angel or Slayer you are raising can die, meaning you have to start all over again.

Both of these anime Tamagotchi are popular for much of the same reason. This gives fans a new way to interact with the franchises, and the multiple versions of each brand’s Tamagotchi makes them a great collector’s item. These games can easily be played on the move but won’t take a ton of time away from your day. Fans of the series will also want to try their hand at pulling their favorite Demon Slayer characters or angels from the Eva series.

You should note that despite the fact that many American shops carry them, the games are actually in the Japanese language. This makes them much harder to play, and you will need to look online instead of relying on an in-box manual. While this shouldn’t be a deterrent for collectors, it can make things complicated for those who just want to relive their childhood using their favorite series.

Are They Valuable Or Expensive?

In comparison to other anime merchandise, you won’t find these expensive, and they generally will run you somewhere between $25 to $50 per Tamagotchi, with most being in the lower range of pricing. This is only a slight mark-up from the regular version of the Tamagotchi that costs $19.99. There also seems to be a large supply of both types of Tamagotchi as well, so they likely won’t appreciate much in the future, although collecting a full set may become a little tougher as the years go on.

In comparison to scale figures, plushies, and model kits, though, these Tamagotchi are pretty cheap. Keep in mind that if you do intend to buy the whole set to get all the colors, you are looking at spending hundreds for each set. 

Whether you want to keep the devices sealed or carry them around throughout your day is up to you. Do keep in mind that if you tend to resell older merchandise, opening these Tamagotchi will, of course, decrease what buyers are willing to pay for them.

Comparing Them To Tamagotchi From The 90s

They are very similar to the original Tamagotchi. In fact, you would be surprised at how familiar they may feel if you played one of the old 90’s models. You still have to feed the character you are raising and ensure that they are properly cared for. There are also small mini-games that you can play; they have just been changed to fit with the theme of the series they are based on.

For example, you will be training your Demon Slayer instead of playing a fun mini-game with them. You will also need to do maintenance on your angel, which includes dealing with its A.T. field.

Right off, you will notice that both the Evangelion and Demon Slayer Tamagotchi both have just three buttons, much like the originals. This limits how much you can do with them, only adding to the evidence that these are meant to be an item you check on for a few brief moments throughout your day. If you expect an immersive experience, you’re better off looking at traditional video games.

Is There Multiplayer?

There aren’t any multiplayer aspects in either the Demon Slayer or Evangelion Tamagotchi. They are single-player micro-games that don’t have a lot of depth. The only type of Tamagotchi that really has multiplayer is related to the Digimon series and look like Digivices.

Are These The Best Tamagotchi Available?

No, while they are a bit different in gameplay design, everything is essentially the same compared to other Tamagotchi. If you’re not an anime fan, you likely won’t find too much here that you couldn’t get from the regular Tamagotchi pets. Likewise, if you are just a fan of Evangelion or Demon Slayer, then you probably wouldn’t get as much enjoyment out of raising the standard digital pets. The only thing that matters when choosing a Tamagotchi is your personal preference!

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