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PSA 10 Gold Metal Charizard and Pikachu Cards Might Be Very Rare

PSA 10 Metal Charizard Pikachu

Charizard and Pikachu gold metal cards from the Pokemon Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection (UPC) are already being graded. According to the latest PSA population report, 102 Charizard’s and 41 Pikachu’s have completed the grading process. What’s interesting is the extremely limited number of PSA 10 grades.

Source: PSA population report

Only 12 Charizard’s and 1 Pikachu have received a perfect 10 grade, which amounts to an 11.7% and 2.4% conversion rate respectfully. If these numbers hold true, then there will be a very limited supply of these cards as PSA 10 grades. As we mentioned in our Pokemon Ultra Premium Collection article, these cards were released in a UPC box, which have historically never been reprinted.

It might not be worth opening your sealed UPC box with these low grading numbers, but get ready to get into some bidding wars if you want those perfect grades. In fact, the first eBay auctions for both cards ended on November 20th with some hefty price tags. PSA 10 Charizard sold for $8600 and Pikachu for over $10,000!