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Easter’s Pikachu 055/SM-P Pokemon Card

Easter pikachu pokemon card

As part of the Sparkling Spring Festival Campaign, Pikachu’s Easter card was released on April 1st, 2017 in Japan. Customers who purchased five or more booster packs in a single transaction at participating Pokemon Centers were given an egg-shaped card containing one of four promotional cards, which included Mareanie, Turtonator, Passimian, and Pikachu. This promotion ran until April 9th, 2017, and also included Easter-themed merchandise such as plush toys, keyrings, and stickers.

The card itself features vibrant colors and playful illustrations that capture the festive spirit of Easter and features Pikachu dressed in a colorful Easter outfit, complete with bunny ears and a basket of eggs. Also, this is one of the few cards the features a female Pikachu, signified by its heart shaped tail.

Despite being a free promotional release, the Pikachu 055/SM-P card from the Easter promotion has become quite valuable among collectors. A PSA 10 graded Easter’s Pikachu consistently sells for $400-$500 on eBay and has proven to be a stable long-term hold for collectors.

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