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Best Attack on Titan Hoodie (Our Top 10 Picks)

Attack On Titan Hoodie

Looking for an Attack on Titan hoodie to rep your anime style? In this list, we’re going to cover the top 10 Attack on Titans hoodies available in 2021. Please note that we will only be reviewing officially licensed anime hoodies.

10. Attack On Titan Chibi Group Girls Hoodie

Available exclusively at Hot Topic, this Attack on Titan hoodie features chibi versions of Levi, Mikasa, Erwin, Armin, Historia, and Reiner. If you’re a fan of chibi artwork and love AOT, then this is the perfect anime apparel for you!

9. Attack On Titan Green Eyes Hoodie

The green eyes of Eren Yeager’s Titan in this hoodie are soul piercing. In the anime, it’s possible for Eren to lose control of the Attack Titan if he lacks a strong force of will. Don’t lose control of yourself if you’re going to sport this hoodie.

8. Attack On Titan Poster Keyart Hoodie

This Attack on Titan hoodie has the season one anime poster art that started it all. This is the perfect hoodie for OG fans or for folks who like a more simple anime style.

7. Attack On Titan – Titan Transformation Hoodie

The Titan Transformation hoodie is probably the most gruesome official AOT hoodie available on the market. If the horror genre is your thing, then this is a must have for your wardrobe. Otherwise, there are some more PG rated options throughout the rest of this list.

6. Attack On Titan – Wings Of Freedom Hoodie

The Wings of Freedom is the official symbol of the Scouting Legion, a group tasked with going out and locating Titans outside of the confines of the walls. The wings are a testament to the Scouting Legion’s desire for freedom and their authority to leave the security of the city walls. While this is probably the most simple Attack on Titan hoodie design on this list, it’s a great way to show-off your support for the Scouting Legion.

5. Attack On Titan – Scout Regiment Hoodie

Available exclusively at Crunchyroll, this hoodie is an upgrade to the Wings of Freedom hoodie above. Along with Scout Regiment logo, this hoodie also has key-art from fan favorite characters which are thoughtfully placed on both sleeves.

4. Attack On Titan – Keyart Battle Hoodie

Another Crunchyroll exclusive! Just look at the beautiful artwork on the front and back of this hoodie. Need we say more?

3. Attack On Titan Season 3 Black Hoodie

This is definitely one of the most stylish anime hoodies on this list and is available to purchase at Zumiez. The crisp and clean yellow logo text on the front alone is worth picking this up, but the artwork on the back is even more hype; AOT’s four protagonists confidently standing against a fiery sky backdrop in a 1960s style-like Godzilla movie poster.

2. Attack On Titan #Hotpotato Hoodie

This hoodie is a callback to Sasha Blouse’s (aka potato girl) first time on screen. On the first day of training, she steals a steamed potato from the kitchen and eats it during initiation. This is one of the most iconic (and hilarious) scenes in the entire Attack on Titan anime. If you don’t know what scene we’re talking about, then stop what you’re doing and watch it right now. Rest in potato Sasha.

1. Attack On Titan Colossus Titan No Hope Hoodie

And finally, the truly best and number one ranked Attack on Titan hoodie is the Titan No Hope variant. As a parody of Barrack Obama’s Hope campaign, this hoodie truly captures what the first few seasons of this show were about; no hope against the titans.