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Buyer’s Guide To The Wand Company Pokeball Figures

Pokemon Die Cast Pokeballs

The Wand Company Pokeballs are masterfully crafted with impeccable design. The officially licensed Pokemon collectibles are built with finely detailed metal shells and deeply colored, high-gloss lacquer finishes. This collection of die-cast pokeballs is a must-have for any die-hard Pokemon fan, and at an MSRP of $99.99, it’s a steal. Oh, and did we mention they glow with an animated, multicolor case illumination?

Some of the pokeballs may be hard to find, as these Pokemon figures are good investment pieces as well. We’ve ranked each pokeball from hardest to easiest to find based on the current demand and value.

1. Master Ball 

Wand Company Master Ball

By far the most valuable and in demand figure of the series, The Wand Company Master Ball had a limited edition release of only 5000 units. Each piece is sequentially numbered, so the Master Ball with the #1 stamp is the holy grail of this collection.

The figure was only available through the Pokemon Center website and pre-orders sold out almost instantly. The original MSRP was $119.99, but the Master Ball is now selling at an average price of $600 in secondary markets. There have been over 100 sales on eBay in the past 3 months around this price point and with so much liquidity, we won’t see a price drop anytime soon (if ever). 

This is also the only pokeball in the series that will have the official Pokemon 25th Anniversary Pikachu stamp on the display case along with a certificate of authenticity. 

2. Ultra Ball

Wand Company Ultra Ball

The rest of the pokeballs in this list will be in far less demand and have less value than the Master Ball; however, some are still good long-term holds – like the Ultra Ball! This figure is already sold out across all major retailers, but is still available at a few smaller online stores. Because the Ultra Ball is lesser known than the original red and white pokeball, we anticipate this figure to have fewer reprints than the ones ranked below. 

3. Dusk Ball

Wand Company Dusk Ball

Pre-orders just opened for the Dusk Ball on October 22nd, so the ranking of this pokeball might change in the coming months. However, we’re ranking this as #3 based on two factors. One, the Dusk Ball looks freaking awesome. Two, there is a strong chance that the pokeballs ranked below will have continuous reprints, given that they are some of the more well known icons of the Pokemon series. 

4. Great Ball

Wand Company Great Ball

We don’t know what it is about the Great Ball, but it’s the least popular pokeball in this collection. You can still grab it at any retailer at its MSRP of $99.99. This one is not an investment piece, only get it if you’re a fan of the figure. 

5. Poke Ball

Wand Company Pokeball

After the Master Ball, this is the most popular figure in this set. In fact, the first wave of the original Poke Balls sold out across all retailers. The reason we ranked this one last is due to its supply; this will be the most manufactured pokeball by The Wand Company. Restocks have arrived at stores and you can pick this up easily at MSRP. Maybe in a few years this will move up the list, but for now it’s very easy to find. 

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