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Pokemon 151 English Set News and Leaks (Updated July 2023)


The Pokemon Company is set to honor its rich history by launching a new expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG), titled “Scarlet And Violet – 151”. Unlike previous sets that were inspired by the latest Pokemon video games, this new collection takes a nostalgic leap back to the roots of the franchise by featuring the first generation of pocket monsters. The Scarlet And Violet – 151 expansion is expected to hit shelves and the Pokemon TCG Live app on September 22.

Set within the context of the newly introduced region of Paldea from the latest Pokemon games, Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, the upcoming expansion will showcase all 151 original Pokemon from the iconic first-generation games – Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. The cards will be designed with artistic impressions of the creatures navigating their way through the landscapes of Paldea.

One significant moment came in 2020 when magician Uri Geller finally gave permission to reintroduce Kadabra, a Psychic-type Pokemon, to the Pokemon TCG. This marked the end of a long hiatus for Kadabra, and it has been confirmed that a new Kadabra card will be included in the upcoming Pokemon Card 151 set.

The Pokemon Card 151 set will be launched first in Japan on June 16, with the English version following a few months later on September 22. Fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the full reveal of the collection, promising a beautiful tribute to the franchise’s beginnings.

Confirmed Products

151 Booster Bundle

151 Elite Trainer Box

151 Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box

151 Alakazam ex Box

151 Zapdos ex Box

151 Poster Collection

151 Binder Collection

151 Ultra-Premium Collection

151 Mini Tin Collection

Promotional Cards

These 3 promotional cards come with either a purchase or pre-order of any Pokemon 151 product from their respective stores.
Bulbasaur will be given out by Best Buy.
Charmander will be given out by Gamestop.
Squirtle will be given out by Pokemon Center.

Pokemon 151 Chase Cards

Erica’s Invitation Special Illustration Rare

Mew ex Special Illustration Rare

Charizard ex Special Illustration Rare

Zapdos ex Special Ilustration Rare

Masterball Reverse Holo

While not yet confirmed in for the english set, master ball reverse holos have just been introduced. With approximately 1 master ball reverse holo per booster box, these cards will be about as rare as any special illustration or secret rare. Certain pokemon, like this pikachu, are definitely going to be worth the hunt.

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