Everything You Need to Know About Artemis in Sailor Moon

Artemis Sailor Moon

Welcome to the fascinating world of “Sailor Moon,” a universe filled with magic, friendship, and unforgettable characters. One such character, the wise and loyal guardian cat known as Artemis, plays a crucial role in the adventures of our beloved Sailor Scouts. Whether you’re a long-time fan looking to revisit the series with a fresh perspective or a newcomer seeking to dive into the enchanting realm of “Sailor Moon,” understanding Artemis’s character is key to appreciating the depth and charm of this classic anime. In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about Artemis, including his origins, powers, relationships, and most memorable moments.

Who is Artemis in Sailor Moon?

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Artemis is a white, male cat who first appears in the “Sailor Moon” manga in Act 7, “Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask,” and in the original anime, he debuts in episode 33, “Enter Venus, the Last Sailor Guardian.” He is the guardian and advisor to Minako Aino, also known as Sailor Venus, and was sent by Queen Serenity from the Moon Kingdom to Earth, along with Luna, to awaken the Sailor Scouts and help them in their mission to protect the world.

Fun fact: Artemis is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, hunting, and chastity, which is fitting for his role as a guardian.


Artemis’s origin in the “Sailor Moon” series traces back to the Silver Millennium, the era of the Moon Kingdom that existed thousands of years ago. He, along with Luna, served Queen Serenity, the ruler of the Moon Kingdom, and the Sailor Scout, who were the protectors of the Solar System.


Artemis, just like Luna, is more than just a cat. They are both alien beings from the planet Mau, possessing higher intelligence, the ability to talk, and extended lifespan.

In the “Sailor Moon” series, there are instances where Artemis, along with Luna and Diana, are transformed into a human-like form. This transformation happens in the manga during the “Dream” arc and is also depicted in the “Sailor Moon Eternal” film, which is based on this arc. In this human-like form, Artemis appears as a young man with white hair.

Artemis x Luna

Although they occasionally bicker and tease each other, Artemis and Luna share a deep bond through their goal of protecting the Sailor Scouts. Eventually, Artemis and Luna become romantically involved, and in the “Sailor Moon” manga and the “Sailor Moon Crystal” anime adaptation, they have a kitten together named Diana, who later serves as Sailor Chibi Moon’s guardian.

Artemis’ Special Powers

Artemis is no where near as powerful as the Sailor Scouts, but he does have a few special powers that are invaluable in the series.


Artemis can communicate with Luna and the Sailor Senshi telepathically, allowing him to relay important information or advice without being physically present.

Ability to speak to humans

Both Artemis and Luna possess the ability to speak human languages fluently, which is crucial for their role as guides and mentors to the Sailor Senshi.


In the “Sailor Moon” manga and “Sailor Moon Crystal,” Artemis has the ability to transform into a human-like form. This ability is used sparingly and typically reserved for special occasions or side-story episodes, but when he does transform, Artemis appears as a human with white hair, retaining his crescent moon symbol on his forehead. Artemis does not ever shapeshift in original 1990s anime series.

Does Artemis Ever Die?

Artemis does not die permanently; however, there is a moment in the manga and its adaptation “Sailor Moon Crystal” where Artemis, along with Luna and Diana, sacrifices himself to help the Sailor Scouts. During the final arc, “Sailor Stars,” the three guardian cats are turned to stone while protecting Princess Kakyuu. Later, they use their remaining power to create a shield to protect the Earth from a devastating attack, a selfless act that results in their apparent death, but they are eventually revived when Sailor Moon defeats the ultimate enemy, Chaos, and restores peace to the universe.

Fun Facts About Artemis in Sailor Moon

  1. In the live-action TV series “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon,” which aired from 2003-2004, Artemis was brought to life as a CGI-animated character. Kappei Yamaguchi, a renowned Japanese voice actor, provided his voice in this adaptation.
  2. Yasuhiro Takato, the Japanese voice actor for Artemis in the original “Sailor Moon” anime, also voiced the character Elecmon in the “Digimon Adventure” series. Interestingly, both characters share a similar color scheme, with white fur and blue eyes.
  3. In the English dub of the “Sailor Moon” anime, Artemis and Luna’s voice actors, Johnny Yong Bosch and Michelle Ruff, are married in real life.
  4. While Artemis is primarily associated with the “Sailor Moon” series, his first appearance was actually in the “Codename: Sailor V” manga, created by Naoko Takeuchi. This prequel to “Sailor Moon” follows the adventures of Sailor Venus, with Artemis serving as her mentor and partner.
  5. In the early stages of character development, Naoko Takeuchi had initially planned for Artemis to be a female character. However, as the story evolved and Luna’s role as Sailor Moon’s guardian was established, Takeuchi decided to make Artemis a male character and a partner for Luna.
  6. In the DiC English dub of the “Sailor Moon” anime, Artemis was mistakenly referred to as female in a few early episodes. This error was later corrected, and Artemis was consistently identified as male throughout the remainder of the series.
  7. The portrayal of Artemis has varied between the anime, manga, and live-action adaptations. For example, in the manga, Artemis is sometimes depicted as more serious and reserved, while in the anime, his character is often portrayed as more playful and humorous.
  8. In the original “Sailor Moon” manga, Artemis is depicted as being albino, with red eyes. However, in the anime adaptation, his eyes are portrayed as being blue, making him more visually distinct from his fellow feline guardian, Luna.
  9. In the “Sailor Moon” series, Artemis and Luna share a deep bond that eventually results in the birth of their daughter, Diana. However, the nature of their relationship is depicted differently in various adaptations. In the original manga, their love is explicitly romantic, while in the anime, their bond is often portrayed as more platonic and subtle.

Sailor Moon Video Games Artemis Appears In

  1. “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon” (1993, Super Famicom): Appears in cutscenes, offering guidance and support to the Sailor Senshi.
  2. “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Jougai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen” (1994, Super Famicom): Appears in the opening sequence and during conversations between battles.
  3. “Sailor Moon: Another Story” (1995, Super Famicom): Artemis plays a bigger role in this RPG, assisting the Sailor Scouts throughout their quest to save the world from a new enemy. He is involved in the storyline and helps the characters during gameplay.
  4. “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS: Zenin Sanka!! Shuyaku Soudatsusen” (1996, Super Famicom): Appears in the opening sequence and during conversations between battles.
  5. “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Fuwa Fuwa Panic 2” (1996, Super Famicom): Appears in the character selection screen, as well as in some cutscenes.

Most Famous Artemis Quotes

  • “You’re Sailor V! You’re the one who’s supposed to help Sailor Moon when she’s in trouble!” (Episode 33, “Enter Venus, the Last Sailor Guardian”).
  • “I guess we’ve all been trying to run away from the truth.” (Episode 35, “Memories Return! Usagi and Mamoru’s Past”).
  • “You girls must be very careful. Remember that you have a mission to fulfill.” (Episode 90, “Premonition of the Apocalypse: The Mysterious New Guardians Appear”).
  • “You’re not alone, Mina. You have friends who care about you.” (Episode 108, “Usagi Dancing to the Waltz”).
  • “It’s okay to cry. Sometimes, crying can give you the strength to go on.” (Episode 183, “Luna’s Discovery: The Real Face of Yaten”).

Fans Commonly Ask:

When does Artemis see Luna for the first time?

In the original “Sailor Moon” anime, Artemis and Luna’s first on-screen meeting occurs in episode 33, “Enter Venus, the Last Sailor Guardian.” However most super fans are aware that Luna and Artemis already know each other from their past in the Moon Kingdom and this encounter is simply a reunion for them.

What cat breed are Luna and Artemis Sailor Moon?

Their breed is Mau, based on their home planet, and there is no official association with any real-world cat breeds.

Why did Artemis protect Sailor Venus?

The decision to assign Artemis to Sailor Venus was part of a larger plan orchestrated by Queen Serenity to ensure that each Sailor Scout had a guardian cat to guide them. Luna was assigned to Sailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino), and eventually, Diana, the daughter of Luna and Artemis, would become the guardian for Sailor Chibi Moon (Chibiusa Tsukino).

Who is stronger, Luna or Artemis?

Both cats have similar powers and there isn’t any evidence or indication that either of them is stronger or more powerful than the other.


Artemis is a beloved and integral character in the “Sailor Moon” universe. As the wise and loyal guardian cat to Sailor Venus, his unique abilities and supportive nature have made a lasting impact on both the Sailor Senshi and the series’ fans. From providing guidance and advice to sharing playful moments and deepening bonds, Artemis’s presence adds depth, charm, and emotional resonance to the story. By exploring his character, powers, and relationships, we gain a deeper appreciation for the many ways in which Artemis has touched the hearts of “Sailor Moon” enthusiasts around the world. Ultimately, his role as a steadfast companion and mentor showcases the importance of trust, friendship, and love in the face of adversity, leaving an enduring legacy for generations to come.

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