Best Strategy to Kill the Stellarite Devourer in Stellaris

stellarite devourer strategy

The Stellarite Devourer is one of the toughest enemies in Stellaris. Although it can be defeated with a fleet of at least 40k Power, players can deal with it much earlier by specializing their ships to take it down. In this article, we will discuss the best strategies to defeat the Stellarite Devourer in Stellaris.

Offensive Strategy

The Stellarite Devourer has no Shields or Armor but high amounts of Point Defense turrets. This means that weapons that deal increased damage to Hull and can’t be intercepted by PD are ideal. Lasers, Plasma Launchers, and Energy Torpedoes are reliable components that will be able to rapidly destroy the Devourer’s Hull, and by fitting the fleet with these weapons, you can quickly and effectively take down the Stellarite Devourer.

Defensive Strategy

The Stellarite Devourer’s offensive weapons include Devouring Beam, Stellar Torpedoes, and Stellar Plasma. Devouring Beam is an incredibly powerful XL weapon that can one-shot most ships, but deals 25% less damage to Shields and is fairly inaccurate. It also has an almost three-year cooldown, meaning that it will likely only fire once during the battle. Stellar Torpedoes are guided weapons that completely ignore Shields and deal 150% damage to Armor. Although each Torpedo can technically be intercepted by Point Defense, their Hull and Evasion are so high that players are unlikely to be able to stop them. Stellar Plasma is a Large energy weapon with a fast fire-rate that only deals 50% damage to Shields.

To counter these offensive weapons, players should fit their fleet with both Shields and Armor. Leaving out Shields will leave the fleet vulnerable to the Devouring Beam and Stellar Plasma, while leaving out Armor will make the fleet vulnerable to the Torpedoes and Beam. Therefore, it is important to balance the defenses in the fleet.

Stellarite Devourer Rewards

Once defeated, the Stellarite Devourer will drop a debris field that can be researched for a variety of technologies. These technologies can include new weapons, armor, and shields, as well as other useful technologies that can improve the player’s ships and stations. The Stellarite Devourer can also drop a significant amount of resources when defeated, including 10,000 Energy Credits, 2,000 Minerals, and 80 of Stellaris’ Influence resource. This can be especially valuable for players who are in need of resources to build or upgrade their fleets.

Defeating the Stellarite Devourer will also complete a special project that can provide additional benefits. This project can grant the player a unique modifier, such as increased weapon damage or faster research speeds, or unlock a new strategic resource for the player to use. In the Federations DLC, defeating the Stellarite Devourer will earn the player favor with the Galactic Community, a group of civilizations that can vote on various resolutions and sanctions. This favor can be used to sway votes in the player’s favor, or to avoid being targeted by sanctions themselves.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, to defeat the Stellarite Devourer in Stellaris, players should specialize their fleet with weapons that deal increased damage to Hull and can’t be intercepted by PD, such as Lasers, Plasma Launchers, and Energy Torpedoes. Players should also fit their fleet with both Shields and Armor to counter the Devouring Beam, Stellar Torpedoes, and Stellar Plasma. By following these strategies, players can defeat the Stellarite Devourer and earn valuable rewards.

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