King Ghidorah (aka Monster Zero) is the main kaiju villain in the Godzilla universe and first appears in the Godzilla film, Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster. The majority of King Ghidorah toys are manufactured by Bandai, Bandai Spirits, and X-Plus. Generally, King Ghidorah figures released in the last decade are high-quality, in strong demand, and sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars on secondary markets.

King Ghidorah FAQs

How old is King Ghidorah?

His exact age is unknown, but King Ghidorah is over 100 million years old. The kaiju first attacked Earth during the period of dinosaurs, roughly 130 million years ago.

How tall is King Ghidorah?

Unlike most kaiju, King Ghidorah is taller than Godzilla. In the earlier Godzilla films, King Ghidorah measures at 330 feet tall with a wing-span of roughly 500 feet. In later films, he is much taller with a height of 520 feet. 

How strong is King Ghidorah?

In his base form, King Ghidorah is larger and stronger than Godzilla. In live action Godzilla movies, the strongest King Ghidorah is Grand King Ghidorah, which first appeared in the film Rebirth of Mothra III. In animated Godzilla movies and shows, World Eater Ghidorah is strongest due to its ability to consume entire planets and its invincibility in Godzilla’s dimension. 

Where does King Ghidorah originate from?

King Ghidorah is a space creature, but it is unkown what planet he was born on. However, he is responsible for attacking and wiping out all life on Venus thousands of years ago, before he first appeared in the film Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster.