Gigan is an alien cyborg and first appears as an antagonist in the Godzilla film, Godzilla vs. Gigan. The majority of Gigan figures are manufactured by Bandai, X-Plus, and Art Spirits. While this kaiju is a favorite among Godzilla fans, there isn’t a wide variety of Gigan toys compared to other villains in the Godzilla franchise. In fact, Gigan toys and figures are generally expensive and tend to appreciate in value overtime.

Gigan FAQs

What Godzilla movies does Gigan appear in?

Gigan only appears in 3 Godzilla films: Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972), Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973), and Godzilla: Final Wars (2004). This is below average when compared to other popular Godzilla villains, who usually appear in 5+ movies.

How tall is Gigan?

Gigan has a different height and weight in each of the Godzilla films. In his original debut in Godzilla vs Gigan, Gigan’s height was 65 meters and the kaiju weighed 25,000 metric tons. However, in Godzilla: Final Wars, the embodiment of Gigan was 120 meters tall, almost twice the height of previous films, and weighed 60,000 metric tons.  

Which Gigan toy is most valuable?

Vintage Gigan toys made from companies like Bullmark are usually the most valuable. But for Gigan toys that have been released in the last few decades, the Gigan Revoltech (Kaiyodo) and Gigan (X-Plus) Ric Boy Variant figures are the most expensive, each one selling at above MSRP on secondary markets.