Varan (1958) Black and White Ver. (X-Plus)

Product Details

MSRP: ¥12,000
Brand: N/A
Manufacturer: N/A
Release Date: July 17, 2019
Series: N/A
Scale: N/A

Product Description

This ancient triphibian daikajiu (large kaiju) emerged from a lake in Siberia in TOHO’s last black-and-white kaiju movie, Varan: The Unbelievable (1958).

Shonen RIC’s TOHO Large Kaiju series Varan (1958) figure sold out in 2012, but is now available again, recreated in precise and authentic detail. It features black and white coloration over its entire body, true to the original movie.

Varan is recognized by its demon-like face, spikes that descend down his back and tail, and the thin membrane runs arms to legs and allows it to glide through the air at high speeds between objects. In Varan: The Unbelievable, Varan weighs 15,000 metric tons, 60 meters long, and stand 50 meters tall – the same height as the original Godzilla – and has a distinctive, fearsome roar.

Take this unique opportunity to get your hands on your very own Varan figure – an essential for TOHO monster fans and kaiju collectors!