Jet Jaguar (DefoReal Series)

Product Details

MSRP: ¥8,000
Brand: N/A
Manufacturer: N/A
Release Date: February 7, 2022
Series: N/A
Scale: N/A

Product Description

From the movie Godzilla vs. Megalon (released 1973) comes the DefoReal version of none other than the righteous robot Jet Jaguar!

Jet Jaguar’s vibrant colors and rounded shape are recreated in the DefoReal deformed style while retaining many fine details of the original.
Jet Jaguar is posed in its characteristic stance, allowing you to enjoy the nostalgia of its appearance in Godzilla vs Megalon!

Additionally, Shonen RIC’s limited edition is equipped with a light-up functionality, allowing both eyes to glow with LED light!

We hope you enjoy this DefoReal version of Jet Jaguar, the amazing robot of justice that grew in size to rival Godzilla in height as they battled against Megalon!