Hot Wheels Mario Kart Bowser's Castle Chaos Modular Track

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Product Description

Kids can race their Hot Wheels Mario Kart replica vehicles to overcome the baddest Mario Kart nemesis Bowser Side-by-side racing, counting lap flag and reconfigurability makes this track set a thrilling experience. Kids must dodge Bowser’s fists to get past him, around the banked turn, and complete 5 laps to beat their opponent and win the race. Includes one replica die-cast Yoshi vehicle. Up the level of difficulty and amp up challenges by reconfiguring the track and connecting the Piranha Plant, Thwomp Ruins track sets and the Mario Kart Circuit track set (sold separately).

Brand: Mario Kart
Manufacturer: Mattel
Release Date: N/A
Series: Hot Wheels
Scale: 25.91 x 35.59 x 9.76 inches