Godzilla(1955) Osaka Castle Diorama Set (DefoReal Series)

Product Details

MSRP: ¥11,000
Brand: N/A
Manufacturer: N/A
Release Date: November 22, 2021
Series: N/A
Scale: N/A

Product Description

Godzilla from Godzilla Raids Again (released in 1955) rampages its way into the DefoReal series and comes with a diorama set inspired by the scenes seen in the film!

The Godzilla model itself has been colorized based on the black and white version in the film and even includes a newly modeled diorama stand inspired by the impressive Osaka Castle found in the scene where Godzilla and Anguirus went head-to-head in a battle to the death!

You can also find an engraving depicting the intense battle between Godzilla and Aguirus on the back of the stand.

Having the Godzilla model and stand together on your shelf will let onlookers feel as if they’re witnessing the battle as it takes place!

Be sure to get your hands on this 1955 Godzilla that has been shrunk down to fit in the palm of your hand!