EZ-004 RED HORN – Zoids (Kotobukiya)

Product Details

UPC: 4934054030743
Brand: Zoids
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Release Date: Nov, 2020
Series: Highend Master Model
Scale: 1/72

Product Description

Product Description

From the HMM (High-end Master Model) Zoid series comes EZ-004 RED HORN, a follow-up release to the large size imperial Zoid Iron Kong.

This high-quality, highly detailed, poseable 1/72 scale “moving fortress” is fully equipped with multiple weapons and gimmicks, that is sure to please the fans. Set for close combat, the Styracosaurus type battle Zoid is equipped with an Anti-Zoid 3-Barreled Linear Cannon on its back serving as its largest and deadliest weapon, along with an 80 mm Surface-to-Air Double Barreled Beam Cannon in front. Surrounding Red Horn’s head are Multi-Charge Beam Cannon and the nose part serves as the All-Weather 3D Radar Antenna. Smaller size weapons can be found all around the metal armor including the TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun set behind and facing opposite the 3-Barreled Linear Cannon to exterminate enemies attacking from behind. All the weapons are controlled by three pilots found at the dinosaur-shaped machine’s standard tail part with weapons, the cockpit hatch, and the eyes. Users are able to open and close all three pilots’ cockpits, and the missile. Hatch located on the side of the body. The sole of the feet are very flexible and can support various posing.

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